Meet Marianne Johanssen, nurse at the doctors´s office in Greve, Danmark.

Why choose the HemoCue® WBC DIFF System?

The doctor’s office in Greve uses the HemoCue WBC DIFF system since August 2011. Prior to the HemoCue WBC DIFF system the clinic used a 3-part diff system from Chempaq, when this product was removed from the market they heard about the system from HemoCue.
They do not use CRP as they consider the results from the HemoCue WBC DIFF system being reliable and giving them enough information to diagnose the patients.

When is the HemoCue®  WBC DIFF System used?

Both the two physicians and the two nurses use the HemoCue WBC DIFF system. They use the test primarily on patients with high fever to see if it is a bacterial or viral infection and on patients with a sore throat and a negative Strep A test. They estimate that they perform three tests per day.

What are the benefits from using the HemoCue®  WBC DIFF System?

The results from the HemoCue WBC DIFF system give a better picture of the full condition on patients with diffuse symptoms.

Quick results enables good service  with correct treatment and less revisits.

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